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Backing to Running

I’ve gone back to running recently and it’s different.  When I started running in 2005 it was a way to meet people in Dallas and stay fit.  I met some amazing people and had some amazing experiences, including my first marathon in Walt Disney World.  I ran with a group of gals of varying ages that could gab like the best of them.  After we finished catching up for the week and about the time I started thinking about breakfast, we would be done with our run.

Then I moved across the country and soon attempted to recreate my group.  Four years later I have yet to find the perfect group, but now I have returned to running again…and it’s different.

My best bud has inspired me to run again.  She lives half way across the country but we have become virtual running partners and we are training for the Lulu lemon Half Marathon on August 11.  Running is no longer the social activity it once was. My runs are completely solo, except for Ira Glass.  Running is my quiet time.  The part of the day that is solely mine.  No one needs anything from me.  Nothing needs doing.  It’s just me, the path that lay ahead and the story planning in my ears.  It’s beautiful.


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